The Yoga of Eating

Once in awhile, you read a book that makes such an impression on you that you feel you must tell everyone you know about it! 

This is how I feel as I’m reading The Yoga of Eating by Charles Eisenstein.  
This book has really brought together some of my newer, more metaphysical ideas about disease, more general dis-ease, nutrition, mindfulness, and mental, spiritual, and emotional wellness, and how we need to (and absolutely can!) address all of them for true transformational healing.
Hopefully I haven’t lost you all yet….. ; )
I’m already incorporating some of the practices and ideas from the book with my clients, and with myself, and will probably write a lot more on this subject in the future, but I just wanted to go over the concepts in the book that get me most excited!
Most importantly, Charles Eisenstein argues that the typical approach to a healthy diet rarely recognizes the fact that our unique life purposes, activities, environmental and psychological circumstances, genetic inheritances, spiritual path and karma, and, of course, body types form a complex web of critical variables in determining what diet is uniquely right for each of us and what foods will provide the critical nutrients we need at any given time of our life.
One diet absolutely does not fit all. One diet does not even fit one person for their whole lives. Dietary and nutritional needs are dynamic throughout one person’s life and among all people.
We are bio-individual.
The Yoga of Eating challenges our culture’s deep distrust of the body’s requests and signals (including what we judge and dismiss as its unhealthy cravings).  Our tendency is to either discipline our body (and occasionally starve it) ‘for its own good’.
Or we silence its emotional cries with numbing types of food or overeating without ever really listening to what our bodies actually want.  
We instead need to learn to access and trust our body’s innate intelligence by removing the blocks — physical, emotional, and conceptual — that separate us from these messages. 
In our society we seem to prefer to trust the external prescriptions of others over our own inner authority. Instead of relying on our willpower to push us toward someone else’s idea of what’s healthy we need to use our willpower to listen to and carry out our body’s own directions.
The true implications of The Yoga of Eating are revolutionary. And we all know how much I encourage living a rEvolutionary Lifestyle. ; )
There will absolutely be more to come on this subject….
The Yoga of Eating is a short book and a quick read. I recommend it to anyone and everyone who feels confused about diet, and wants to learn how to trust their inner food guide.
I am offering a workshop/group nutrition therapy session on February 17th at 5:45-6:45 at Hooked on Colfax  in Denver for $10 on the principles outlined in The Yoga of Eating. I will also share some of the tools I have developed to teach my clients to learn how to start to access their body’s innate wisdom around food to truly heal themselves.

Clara Wisner

Clara Wisner is on a forever mission to help woman awaken to their innate worthiness. She knows she was put on this Earth to walk beside women on their journey back home to themselves. Clara believes that every single one of us has the ability to harness our innate power for good, healing & transformation without the focus being on "willpower" "discipline" or "hustle", but instead on trust, self-love & surrender.

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