How to Change Your Life Right Now

What do I most want to learn by teaching it?

To teach is to demonstrate.

To demonstrate is to express what you have decided will hold the greatest value for you.

Whenever you judge another or yourself, you are decreeing that the thing of most value is separation, since judgement always causes contraction and, therefore, separation from another.

When you practice forgiveness, you are decreeing that what you value is joining in a peace filled relationship with the world and those in it.

So today change in this moment by asking yourself: "How can I learn to be the person I want to be by demonstrating the qualities of that person?" 

If you want to be less overwhelmed in life, demonstrate peace by being peaceful right now.

If you want to have more free time, demonstrate freedom by being realizing you are free to do what you want right now

If you want to have more material things, demonstrate financial abundance by acknowledging how much you already have right now. 

If you want to change your life, you have to take the action, right now. 

Choose joy, choose forgiveness, choose love, and choose expansion.

Today and all days.

Clara Wisner

Clara Wisner is on a forever mission to help woman awaken to their innate worthiness. She knows she was put on this Earth to walk beside women on their journey back home to themselves. Clara believes that every single one of us has the ability to harness our innate power for good, healing & transformation without the focus being on "willpower" "discipline" or "hustle", but instead on trust, self-love & surrender.

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