Love Renders Us All Equal


Love is the Force that renders us all Equal. 

If you're feeling particularly undeserving, not good Enough, or harshly comparing yourself to others, then remember this fact: There is nothing, No Thing, that can bring Us back to Joy, Compassion, Acceptance, Enough-ness, more quickly or more Solidly than Love. 

Love is Unbound, it is Free & Shines Equally. As a Sunbeam from the Sun, Love does not differentiate where it Shines. 

Therefore, it is not necessary for us to Seek out more Love outside of ourselves, but only to examine the blocks we have Created to it. Love is Always there, Always Present, and Always Whispering Secrets to our Wild Hearts. 

Open up to this Love Right Now. I invite you to practice with this: no matter where you are, or what you're doing, Raise your arms to the Sky & Feel the Love that Surrounds you Right Now. Feel the blood coursing through your veins. The Aliveness of you.

Ask yourself what Love would feel like it was Shining on you Right Now? Then hold onto that Feeling in your body. Close your eyes & experience it for as long as you can. 

Offer Gratitude for the Air in your lungs & the beating of your Heart & you will see that whoever You are is just Enough, and Forever Equal & Deserving.

Clara Wisner

Clara Wisner is on a forever mission to help woman awaken to their innate worthiness. She knows she was put on this Earth to walk beside women on their journey back home to themselves. Clara believes that every single one of us has the ability to harness our innate power for good, healing & transformation without the focus being on "willpower" "discipline" or "hustle", but instead on trust, self-love & surrender.

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