You are Free

me, striking my best powerful goddess pose at the Taj Mahal in May 2017. 

me, striking my best powerful goddess pose at the Taj Mahal in May 2017. 

I was flipping through Instagram this morning & read a post from Neghar Fonooni (if you like witch stuff, queen stuff and lifting weights follow her!) and she said: "Give me all the freedom. Give me all the dichotomy."

And it was a lightbulb moment for me. 

YES! Freedom means we can hold differing truths AT THE SAME TIME. Without explanation. 

True freedom for me means that I can be a devoted spiritual practitioner & use the word "fuck" all the time. 
True freedom for me means that I can not wear make up or "do" my hair, but still, love shopping for clothes & beautiful flowers.
True freedom for me means that I can be a hot mess & also speak deep, deep wisdom.
True freedom means I can be both wild & soft. 
True freedom means I can want to be alone & also be madly in love with my husband. 
True freedom means we aren't encumbered by "norms" or someone else's ideas about what makes sense. It means we get to decide who, what & how we are.

Freedom equals holding space for dichotomy to exist. Liberation equals being exactly you: light and dark, sensical and nonsensical, angry and happy, sad and joyous. 

You are your own FREE woman! 

You are liberated.

Now, I really & truly want to know.. what does true freedom look like for you? What seemingly opposing truths define you? Comment below or shoot me a message via my Facebook page or Instagram account. 


Freedom in my soul 

..tastes like the home-harvested honey...

sweet, luscious, fulfilling

..smells like hot sun on sagebrush...

wild, open, earthy

..looks like women skinny dipping in a mountain lake... 

unbound, gleeful, shrieking 

..feels like floating in the salty Agean sea.. 

unencumbered, expensive, held 

Liberation is yours.

It's in the marrow of your bones.

It's rushing through your blood. 

You were born free. 

Claim it. 

Clara Wisner

Clara Wisner is on a forever mission to help woman awaken to their innate worthiness. She knows she was put on this Earth to walk beside women on their journey back home to themselves. Clara believes that every single one of us has the ability to harness our innate power for good, healing & transformation without the focus being on "willpower" "discipline" or "hustle", but instead on trust, self-love & surrender.

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