We All Need A Little Proof Sometimes


Sometimes we all need a little proof to jump into a new idea or new path.

Today, I am talking specifically about taking more responsibility for our health and wellness and trusting that maybe we can heal with natural solutions alone.

I had a friend post this picture on a facebook group I manage the other day and it brought up a lot of feels.

Feelings of pride and happiness that the massive efforts I have put in to researching and learning about the power of medicinal grade essential oils is helping people to heal naturally.

Feelings of gratitude to this person who shared their story, because I know the ripple effect of her sharing would bring more healing to others.

Feelings of conviction around the power of plants to heal.

Feelings of clarity as far as my role in spreading the knowledge and education of natural medicine; even though at times it feels like the powers pulling people towards synthetic drugs and a paternalistic, disempowering conventional medical system are too great.

I know we all need a little proof that natural medicine works, that the difficult task of shifting your nutrition and lifestyle habits is worth the effort, that making a choice to take care of ourselves will pay off.

So here's some proof that even simple and small self-empowering actions can make all the difference.


Thyroid conditions are incredibly common. And most people (at the advice of their doctor) take extreme and invasive measures to balance their thyroid. They get put on life long prescription medication. They sometimes undergo surgery to get part of or all of their thyroid removed. These are extreme options.

Diet and lifestyle are almost never discussed in conventional medical offices when it comes to thyroid conditions. And discussing plant medicine to heal the thyroid is an even less common.

But you do HAVE OPTIONS.

Most doctors would have you believe that in the instance of a thyroid condition you have only two options: to feel tired and put your thyroid at more risk over time OR get on a medication you will have to take a for the rest of your life.


Doctors are not trained in alternative/traditional modalities of healing, so they are quick to disregard them, but this does not mean they KNOW anything about them. The majority of our population has tried some sort of traditional modality. Traditional/alternative modalities are legitimate options for you to explore IF you would like to.

Natural and root cause medicine does require more engagement of the patient.

It requires the patient to take on more of an active role in their healing.

It may require difficult dietary and lifestyle changes. It may require taking supplements three times a day. It may require even more than this.

But you are capable of it, if you'd like to address the root cause of your imbalance and if you are ready to take on more responsibility for the quality of your life overall.

Taking a pill each day doesn't require much thought or effort, and that is fine, but don't expect to get much benefit from it either. All good things in life tend to be challenging.

So if you need a little proof in your life, here is your proof and here is your pep talk. If you're ready to take on more responsibility for your healing I am ready to help you and guide you.

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What to do with Worry


Are you a worrier? 

Do you find yourself posing hypothetical situations of doom and gloom in your head all day long? 

Maybe you’re not that extreme, but you find yourself thinking about the future in a way that takes away from your present tense experience and brings down your overall “vibe” more often than you’d like?

I teach classes about health and wellness all over the world and the most common thing people tell me they suffer from is…. anxiety, which is really just another name for worry. 

Sometimes we feel like worrying is a necessary part of life. If we didn’t worry, how would we prepare ourselves for all the possible terrible outcomes of any given situation? 

If we didn’t worry, we might get caught “off guard”.. which would be the worst, right?

I’ll let you in on a little secret, worrying steals our joy. In fact, I am going to argue that worry is actually a form of self harm.

We worry when something good is happening. We worry when something bad is happening. We worry when nothing is happening. We take on other people’s worry. And without intentionally choosing to focus on what is going well, over and over again, we are literally putting ourselves in a position where we could spend our lives not enjoying anything to its fullest, which would be a complete and utter shame. 

Research has found we tend to think “good” things happening to us will make us happier than they actually do and that “bad” things happening to us will make us sadder than they actually do. This is to say; it truly is all about our perspective and how we see the world. Not about what actually happens to us.

Ok, so are you ready to intentionally choose a new perspective the next time you worry or experience anxiety? 

Are you willing to make your feelings of worry or anxiety be the alert in your own mind that it is time to choose a new thought? 

Here’s a practice that I find very useful when I’m dealing with worry or anxiety: 

  • Notice yourself worrying about something. 

  • Let go of the worry-thoughts, shifting your focus away from them

  • Wonder: What positive new thing is trying to come into being? 

  • Notice a body feeling (not a thought or an idea) of where that positive new thing is trying to come through. 

  • Open your focus to feel that body feeling deeply.

  • Let yourself feel it deeply for as long as you possibly can

  • Later, you will get an actual idea of how this new positive thing is trying to come through.

How this works in practice: 

  • I’m walking down the street on a Saturday afternoon. I pass a clothing store where I have bought some fabulous pieces of clothing over the years. About fifteen seconds later I notice some worrying thoughts about money. Specifically, the worry-thoughts are about whether we have enough money to do all the marketing for business I’m planning on doing. 

  • I notice the worry-thoughts and let them go, just dropping them mid-thought without pursuing them. (Meditation helps with this aspect, as it trains you to see your thoughts but not following them.)

  • I wonder what positive thought is trying to come through. 

  • I feel a pleasant sensation in my throat. 

  • As I walk along, I let myself feel it thoroughly, savoring the pleasant sensation. 

  • A few minutes later, getting into my car, the insight occurs to me that seeing the clothes in the window triggered a wave of guilt about the level of abundance my husband and I enjoy, compared with other members of our family. Seeing the clothing also sparked a feeling of how much I love and appreciate my husband, and how much he doesn’t balk or give me criticism for my love of beautiful material things. I sit in my car for a few moments before turning on the engine, letting myself enjoy the feelings of how much I love and appreciate my husband, and how much I enjoy the prosperity we’ve created in our lives. I realize there is not physical object that could express those feelings. They exist in the nonmaterial world, in the feeling of flowing connection between us. 

  • I pick up my phone and call Sean. He’s out doing errands too, and it turns out he’s two blocks away from where I’m sitting in the car. I tell him the sequence I just experienced from the glance in the window to the worry-thoughts to the delicious moment of letting myself feel the overflow of love and appreciation for him. I say, “Let’s make sure we take more time to celebrate what we have.” 

  • He agrees and I head home.

  • I create more good feelings, feelings of overflow, abundance, and gratitude, RIGHT NOW, and not only that, I created these feelings because of the worry-thoughts. Because they were the perfect impetus to remind myself how much I have. I used the worry-thoughts as a jumping off point.