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Supporting Your Pregnancy + Labor Naturally



Whoop Whoop! We’re so excited to join the realms of parenthood and I am looking forward to the initiation that is MOTHERHOOD.

All the while committed to the WHOLE view of my body and baby and choosing the natural route whenever at all humanly possible.

And, of course, I’m ready to share all the tips and tricks I’ve been learning through the first trimester and what I’m going to do beyond.

Are you pregnant too and wanting to learn more about natural options to support yourself and your baby through the more unpleasant ; ) aspects of pregnancy and labor?

Watch this 10 minute episode of Revolutionary Lifestyle TV to get the run down on natural nutrition tips, the truth about prenatal vitamins, tricks to banish morning sickness (oh I had it.. and it was the WORST!), how to take care of your skin to avoid stretch marks and more.

Now, if your interest is peaked and you’d like to hear more specific recipes, action steps, in-depth info about how to make your pregnancy and labor as painless and efficient as possible, register for my free one hour class this Wednesday, October 16th at 6pm MST/7pm CST/78pm EST/5pm PST.

In this one hour class you will learn:

- Natural solutions for morning sickness and first trimester weirdness.
- How to tell a good prenatal vitamins from a bad prenatal vitamin and what you actually need to take.
- How to support baby and yourself through the second trimester and the aches and pains that come with a growing belly and a changing body.
- What simple and natural measures you can take in the 3rd trimester to reduce the pain of labor, prevent tearing and unnecessary blood loss, heal more quickly after birth, and make sure you'll have the most efficient labor you possible.

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