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Self Leadership

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Have you thought about "Self Leadership"...

AKA the concept that: “Your example is the mic drop.”

The modern leader doesn’t just talk about what her followers should do.

She shows them by doing it.

The modern leader doesn’t create strict guidelines without any wiggle room and apply them, generally, to everyone.

She encourages diversity and creativity in all.

The modern leader isn’t a guru.

She shows you that you are your own guru.

The modern leader uses her example to lead and she realizes that every choice she makes has a ripple effect.

Self leadership is the new leadership.

Wanna lead yourself and learn what that even is?

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Part 1: How I Stay Organized | The Mindset


I’ve been getting asked a lot lately about how I manage my time, stay organized, stay focused, and how I’ve created this lifestyle I have today which is location flexible, financially abundant, and completely by my own design. So I’ve been thinking about how to write this blog post in a way that is practical, helpful and concise, but of course.. I always have to start out with mindset.

Yes, I have a proclivity towards organization. My mind likes flow charts, lists, frameworks, and systems. I LOVE efficiency. I live to create systems that work for me and for others. It really does light me up. So don’t worry.. I’ll be getting into the nitty gritty in parts 2 and 3 over the next two weeks, but to start out I’ve got to lay some groundwork, which may not be as sexy, or as immediately gratifying, but is overwhelmingly important. 

The longer I have my business (revolutionary lifestyle has been in existence now for almost 5 years!), the more confidence and assuredness I have in my value and the more I respect the work I do. The more confident and respectful I am towards myself, the more I can focus and value the effort I put into to projects, clients, partnerships, etc. And this is huge. Having respect for your time, your effort and your value; will get you further than any organizational system ever will. So if you don’t respect your own value, your own time, your own service, start there.

There are so many people who want to change their lives. They want to help people, change the world, have location flexibility, have more time, and donate to all their humanitarian passion projects. That is wonderful. I truly believe everyone in the world can have exactly what they want; if they put their mind to it and take inspired action.

But..the fact of the matter is you will always have to do things you don’t want to do when going for goals that are outside where you currently are. If you want to live a location flexible life and you don’t currently have location flexibility, you are going to have to change some things. If you want to eat intuitively; you’ll have to change they way you eat. This seems obvious, but people miss this fact all the time.

Nothing changes unless you do. 

You absolutely have to put yourself out there if want to change your life significantly or create new habits or build some sort of income stream that you don’t already have. It’s going to be uncomfortable and awkward. You’ll absolutely fail at some things. You will absolutely have to expand what you think is possible. We hear and read these things, but then when we actually experience the growing pains of expansion; we feel like a failure, and quit.

But the difference between people that I see succeed and people I see struggling (and when I have taken on both of those roles myself) is that the people who succeed are completely willing to do the things they don’t want to do right now, to get to the place they want to be later. The people who succeed are actually excited about changing and the work involved. 

Let me say this clearly…this isn’t about sacrifice. I don’t believe we ever have to sacrifice in a conventional sense; we’ve got WAY too much of that going on. No one wants to be a martyr and it ain’t a great way to live. But it does mean looking long and hard at how much we want the things we want and deciding clearly and consciously what we are willing to do to get it. Tradeoff is a better word. Are you willing to trade in some comfort now to be more expanded later?

I am. Hell yes, I am. What is the point of life, if not this? 

My past self (the self that didn’t own a business or have a location flexible lifestyle) didn’t particularly like putting myself out there. She had a huge fear of rejection and was overwhelming skeptical and untrusting as a defense mechanism, to the point of cynicism (not a particularly good quality when you’re trying to build a business out of nothing). However, my current self (who has owned multiple profitable businesses and lives a completely location flexible lifestyle), loves sharing and being vulnerable and honest and sincere, and trusts people and sees that trustworthiness reflected back to me in my daily interactions with people.

So what allowed me to go from that past self to my current self? 

  1. A conscious decision to change the way I see the world, because in the world I was living in back then wasn’t one where twenty-somethings designed their lives.

  2. I started changing what I did with my time. I spent time writing, reading, and learning. I stopped spending time drinking alcohol, complaining about the world, and partying. 

  3. I found people who had lives like the one I wanted and I took their advice, almost blindly. (I DID NOT take the advice of people who did not have lives like I wanted.. important to note.. if your parents aren’t living a life of design, they’re not going to give you good advice on how to create one.) Podcasts, coaches, mentors, I absorbed as much as I could, and I took their advice and acted on it.

This is the mindset of change. This always has to be the first part to being focused, organized, and managing your time well, because without it, you don’t know why you’re focusing, organizing yourself, or managing your time. 

So figure out what the trade offs are and what you’re willing to trade in for the goal you want to achieve or the lifestyle you want. 

Looking forward to continuing this exploration of time management, organization and focus next week with Part 2: How I Stay Organized | The Tools.