Video Interview: 5 Ways You Can Know Yourself Better Through Other People


Hey everyone! I thought this week I would highlight a video interview I did with Your Tango Experts that just got released last week about how to use other people to actually get to know yourself better. Check out my two cents, as well as the other incredible women who were interviewed on this subject. 

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Why I Want to Be Bigger

I want to be bigger... 

Wait... is that OK to say? 

Women don't generally want to be bigger, do they? 

I have clients almost daily talk about how they wish they were smaller. They don't always say those words exactly, but that's what they mean. They say things like, "I just wish I weighed a little less," or "I just don't feel comfortable when my thighs rub together," or even, "If I could just get back the size I was a year ago, I would be happy." 

When speaking with a client the other day I asked her what she thought of when she heard the word bigger. She immediately answered that it elicits images of fat rolls, jiggling thighs, and flabby bellies. She said it makes her think of feeling oversized in a small airplane seat and the tightness of a pair jeans around her waist. That's all without a qualifier. Just the simple word "bigger." 

There's something wrong with this... 

Having the idea that our current manifested form must be smaller than it is now, is just flat out a waste of time. Your ability to exist, your right to exist, is not affected by the size of your body. You deserve to be here now. You deserve to take up the space you take up, and it this space most definitely doesn't determine your worth. 

Today, I am here to point out how good the word big can be. To me, it's in the ranks of expanding, broadening, accepting, allowing, and even, perfection. 

What if bigger meant we want to love in a bigger way? What if it meant we want to take the bigger stance? What if it meant we want to expand our minds and broaden our hearts? 

I want to live a life that's big.

My life won't shrink in the face of adversity. It will expand around it and enclose it in bigness and in wholeness. 

I want my ears and eyes to open bigger.

I don't want to only see the size of a person or shallowly admire the ripple of their muscles or comment only on the symmetry of their face. I want to hear their warm, soothing laugh and see their sharp mind. 

I want to see the bigger picture.

If I remember to see from this higher place maybe I will see that I'm not so different from them and they're not so different from me. We all have the same spark of life. The same thing keeps all our hearts beating and our lungs breathing. That's the bigger way of looking at it. 

I want my mind to be pushed to its limits; expanded. I want it to get bigger every day.

I want to fill it up to the brim with experiences, lessons, knowledge, and different philosophies. 

I want to have more connection, a tie to a bigger purpose.

I want to express this purpose boldly, fiercely and in a big way. I don't want to feel small, insignificant, trapped and uninspired. 

I want to feel more. I want to usher in the big emotions with grace and dignity.

I am human after all, a manifested, seemingly separate being that chose to come to this time and place on Earth to experience separation, in order to transform. So bring on the longings, the sadnesses, the anger. They are just proof that there is something to be missed beyond the scope of my current, small understanding. 

Next time you say you want to be smaller or imply as much, think about what you're really saying. Think about how the attitude of wanting to shrink actually effects all other areas of your life.

When you are constantly desiring to be smaller, there is a possibility that this feeling is spilling over into other aspects of our lives, and ultimately holding you back from the expansive bigness you are here to experience. 

So what do you think? Do you want to be bigger too? 


Podcast Alert! Restrictive Diet, Body Acceptance and Food Anxiety

Instead of writing a blog this week I wanted to encourage all of you to listen to the podcast I did with Noelle Tarr of Coconuts and Kettlebells and Stefanie Ruper of Paleo for Women

On this podcast we answered your questions about body acceptance, food anxiety, and restrictive dieting.


A Simple Practice to Let Go of Self-Limiting Beliefs

We all have self-limiting beliefs. They're the beliefs we hold that keep us from trying new things, keep us from fully trusting in our selves, and creating the life that we desire. They're the beliefs that tell us we're not 'good' enough, not smart enough, or not 'attractive' enough. These are beliefs that may have served us in the past and are a part of how we developed as a person. There's nothing wrong with them. However, when we know we're destined for bigger and better things sometimes we have to face these beliefs so we can leave them behind.

Here is a simple practice I've used many, many times on my own self-limiting beliefs and have embraced as a part of my daily practice. 

Step 1: Write down all limiting beliefs fears you have about life/dietary changes/the future/your health/your relationship, anything. This may be A LOT, that’s OK.

Step 2: Do the following

o   Sit with your eyes closed in a comfortable position. Take a few deep breaths in and out and reassure yourself you are safe.

o   Imagine a bright beam of light at the base of your spine traveling through the top of your head into the Universe.

o   Say out loud, “I can now release limiting beliefs instantly. I am now one with my higher self.”

o   Next, see a bright pink beaming light coming from your heart center

o   Think about your limiting belief (just one).

o   Say out loud: “Even though I have this (limiting belief) I completely and deeply love and accept myself on all known and unknown levels.”

o   Imagine the pink light from your heart healing and dissolving all parts of your body and mind where this limiting belief is being held and let forgiveness and acceptance heal and transform that belief.

o   Say out loud, “I now allow myself to receive a higher perspective to replace the belief I just released.”

o   Journal about what comes up.

o   Repeat this process for one limiting belief each day. If there is a super strong rooted limiting belief maybe repeat this process with it for a few days or do this exercise more than once in the day.

o   Consistency is key. It’s not a one-time solution, it’s something you should do consistently as a practice. 

Move toward your true purpose, without fear or indecision.. You deserve to feel full, joyful, and at ease. 

Stress: The Most Important Health Factor

We all know we should be doing more to manage it. We’ve all heard how stress makes us sick, takes years off our lives, and contributes to pretty much every disease out there, chronic and acute alike.
However, most people spend way more time worrying about their waistlines than the amount of stress in their lives. In fact, most people are actually willing to add stress to their lives if it means they might lose weight. (Think adding exercise to an already crazy busy schedule).
Up until about a year ago I also just shrugged it off. I worked hard. I worked out hard, and I ate “perfectly clean” over 80% of time.

I was health-ing super hard. 
I definitely felt like I could force myself to be “healthy” enough that stress wouldn’t have all the negative effects it had on other people.
Stress wouldn’t negatively affect me.
That was until I crashed.
I stopped being able to get to gym every day without a huge amount of effort and when I did get there I felt like it took all my energy. I started to dread cooking and prepping food (things I had thoroughly enjoyed before) and felt like it was too much work, so started eating out more. I started to need to drink more than one cup of coffee in the morning to get going (sometimes even drinking coffee in the afternoon: gasp!). I started craving sweets again. I gained weight. 
All the signs were there: beginning of adrenal fatigue.

I really started to grasp how stress single-handedly undermined all my efforts to eat healthy and move well.
I took a step back and realized that if I didn’t take care of my over the top stress levels and start doing less, I wasn’t going to be able to keep up the pace I was going much longer, and would probably end up doing some irreparable damage in the meantime.

I was being healthy, but from a place of pushing, going harder, and doing more, more, more, more. And that was stressing me out even more. 

Without taking some time to replenish and recuperate and learn some stress-management techniques (because face it, we will always have stress of some kind) I was basically throwing all the money I was spending on organic vegetables, grass fed meat, and therapeutic grade supplements down the drain.
Now, after reading the research and seeing it make a huge difference in my life and my clients’ lives over and over again I personally implement my “me-time” activities first. They get scheduled into my calendar before work.

Work will get done because it’s urgent. Self-care will not happen unless you prioritize it.
What are you going to commit to this week for self-care and stress management?

Here's 4 Ideas: 

1. Every 90 days I give myself a full 24 hours of "reflection". This means I go somewhere where I can be completely alone in nature. I completely "unplug" (no phone, computer, or anything that would tempt me). I journal, meditate, do yoga, and reflect on how my life is going, what direction am I headed and what can I do to make sure it's the direction I want for my long term goals. Schedule one of these days for yourself right now. 

2. Commit to 10 minutes of meditation every day for 21 days. 

3. Create a night time ritual that starts one hour before you go to bed and stick to it religiously. Turn off your phone, computer, tablets, TV (anything that has a screen). Light candles. Take an epsom salt bath. Keep the lights in the house low. Do some gentle yoga or mobilizing. Read something light and enjoyable. 

4. Sign up for my FREE 3 day rEset protocol and get a good jumpstart on setting your life up to be more purpose driven and balanced.

Deprivation vs Opportunity: A Mindset Shift


When we think about changing our diet we normally think about deprivation, or all the things that we CAN’T have. However, with a simple perspective shift from deprivation thinking to thinking about the opportunity we will have to try new things, to cook in new ways, and to ignite our interest in food and flavor again we can shift how we think about the experience of changing our diet.

You are not depriving yourself. You are giving yourself the opportunity to cut out old habits and unhealthy foods so that you can flourish. You are opening a door to a new world where your body works with you and you work with your body. Taking advantage of opportunity always takes a little bit of struggle and that is where the difficulty comes in, not from deprivation, but from growth. 

How can you begin to shift your perspective around making healthier choices to one of opportunity instead of deprivation?