Feeling tired? Out of whack? Not like yourself? Night sweats? Painful or irregular periods? Have an autoimmune imbalance? Fertility issues?
Hormones could be at the crux of any of these health concerns.
And the crazy thing? If you go to a general practitioner with hormonal imbalance issues, they’re probably going to suggest you get on synthetic hormones (birth control or hormone replacement therapy) which is, at best, a bandaid solution for the underlying issue or they’ll suggest you just “deal” with the symptoms.
The general disregard for natural solutions to hormonal imbalances by the conventional medical community is, in my opinion, a travesty. And a clear example of how imbedded patriarchy is in our society.
Your hormones don’t just “get our whack” for no reason.
You are not broken.
Hormonal imbalances are super common, but it is not normal, + there are root causes to these issues.
I have spent years of my professional life learning + researching + helping women heal from hormonal imbalance through root cause resolutions + with natural tools (food, medicinal supplements, + medicinal grade essential oils).
One of the most important parts of my protocol is medicinal grade essential oils. The chemistry of these little magical tools work with the biochemical processes of the endocrine system.
If you’re ready to use natural solutions for your hormonal imbalances; I’m your guide. Watch the free online class where I go over exactly the step by step of how to balance your hormones naturally.
I’m with you.



In this free online class with Clara Wisner, nutrition therapy practitioner and hormones expert, you will learn.

  • The ways hormonal imbalances are causing fatigue, weight gain or weight loss resistance, moodiness, lack of inspiration, hair loss, infertility issues, PMS, painful or irregular periods + so much more. 

  • Why your hormones are out of whack.

  • How to eat in a way that balances your hormones. (Spoiler Alert: it can be SUPER fun to eat in a way that balances your hormones. No just eat lettuce + drink juice here!) 

  • Exactly what to do to balance your hormones in a completely NATURAL way. 

    Clara has worked with hundreds of women with symptoms ranging from extreme cases of endometriosis and infertility to minor cases of period discomfort and light PMS; all with great success. 

    A fun fact: No woman that came to Clara with infertility issues has ever not gotten pregnant after their work together.

    This stuff works! And it's completely natural. 

    Can't wait for you to finally have answers to your hormonal balance questions and start on your journey towards balanced hormones, high energy, regular + painless periods, fertility, + stable moods! 

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