Cradling Your Inner Child Meditation | $9.99

This is a guided meditation and visualization for getting in touch with your inner child and sooting her/him. 

  • Great for when you've been feeling alone, misunderstood, unhappy, or anxious.

  • Create a space in yourself where you feel held and cherished.

  • For healing from long term abandonment issues or feelings of being unsafe in your life use this meditation each day for 21 days.

Emotional Alchemy Audio | $9.99 

This is a powerful practice that guides the listener through a practice to transform heavy, negative emotions and release deep seated emotional wounds and traumas. 

  • Use this to release stagnated energy

  • Feel lighter and more connected

  • Healthfully process frustrating, sad, enraging situations yourself

  • Experience deep healing from trauma

Getting Closer to Your Heart Practice | Free gift for you

Self Love Meditation | Free gift for you

By being guided by this powerful heart opening meditation you will..

  • Feel closer to the part of you that could never be broken

  • Feel more worthy, pure, and deserving.

  • Tap into the aspect of yourself that is pure light & use that light to go into the world with more confidence & assuredness.

  • Relax and let go of anxious thoughts and lift depressive thoughts

By doing this guided self-love meditation each day for 21 days you will: 

  • Feel more connected to your body

  • Feel more comfortable in your own body

  • Start to tap into the difference between your physical hunger and emotional hunger

  • Develop a daily practice of meditation

  • Experience more peace and intention in your life