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Kulture Superfoods
Just BE Kitchen
WB Kitchen (get 15% off your order with code REVLIFE15)
Invincible Athlete
Go Primal by Karen
Food and You with Cynthia Farris
Progressive Paleo
Clean N Jerky
Advanced Spine Rehab Center
The Honest Stand
Corner Post Meats (get 10% off order with code revolutionary at checkout) 
McCauley Family Farm
Southern Alaska Seafoods
Zak Detox Body Care
The Vitality Center

Thrive Market (Use this link to get 20% off your first order)


Organo Gold Coffee Coffee that detoxifies and hydrates, AND tastes delicious! 
Dr. Bronners All Purpose Soap (can also usually purchase at Whole Foods or any health food grocery store near you)
Seventh generation cleaning supplies (can also usually purcahse at Whole Foods or any health food grocery store near you)
Vibrams Five Fingers
Fat Face Skin Care
Primal Life Organics (skin care) 
Drangonfly Traditions (skin care)
Just Natural Organics (hair care)       
Squatty Potty - Help yourself squat like you evolved to do on modern toilets. 
Orange Tinted Glasses - Orange tinted glasses block the blue light from screens that disrupts your circadian rhythms. Pick up a pair of cheap orange tinted glasses and wear them when you watch TV/work on the computer/phone at night to keep your circadian rhythms in check and cycling in the correct way. 
The Cheapest Organic Cotton Sheets You'll Ever Find
The Cheapest Organic Cotton Duvet Cover You'll Ever Find
The Best Organic Wool Products: Holy Lamb Organics