Stop the body & food struggle. Experience Peace. love yourself.  


What is the Self Love Mastery Online Course?

Self Love Mastery is an online course that teaches you how to love yourself and your body so that you can eat, move, and LIVE from a place of peace, purpose & love. 

Why do you need to take this course? 

If you're tired of obsessing over your weight, food choices & the way you look, but haven't figured out to stop the exhausting pattern of negative self talk & dieting, the Self Love Mastery online course is your ticket to a new experience around food & your body.

I understand the excruciating pain of using food to deal with emotional turmoil & I've acutely felt the inflicted shame of 'carrying extra weight'.  I've experienced the crushing lows of body image obsession, food choice hell & cravings that are seemingly unreasonable but at the same time insatiable. I've also worked with hundreds of women in my private coaching practice experiencing unique variations on the same theme of body obsession, confusing acts of self sabotage & total disconnection from their hunger & satiation signals. 

Through this very personal experience, as well as the true honor of working with these other women I have come up with a totally new and revolutionary method for remembering how to love ourselves & overcome the self-sabotaging behavior, unhealthy weight gain & body obsession once & for all. 

The Self Love Mastery online course is the culmination of this experience & knowledge all laid out in sequential order to help you remember how to tune into your body's needs & experience to peace & assuredness of true self-love. 

During the Self Love Mastery online course I will guide you to....

  • Get in touch with your body so that you know what kind of food, exercise & experiences it needs to be healthy

  • Make everyday choices (like what to order off the menu) from the place of your highest self (the part of you that wants what is best for you)

  • Eat intuitively

  • Love yourself wholly & completely no matter what happens

  • Experience more pleasure in your daily life

  • Feel sexy, confident & deserving of attention

  • Stop comparing yourself to other people

  • Feel like you are coming home to yourself & your body

  • Reframe self care from feeling like it's selfish to feeling like it's a necessary & integral part of your life

  • Live from a place of overflow & vitality

  • Overcome your fear of weight gain & "bad" foods

  • Stay more present so you can enjoy & appreciate all the little beautiful things that happen on a day to day basis

  • Stop the exhausting pattern of body & food obsession & create more room in your head for purposeful work, loving action, joy & appreciation

You can be 100% sure what you are eating, how you are exercising & the self care you practice is the exact right type for you. You can live from a place of total self-love. 


"My experience and self growth with Clara has really changed from when I started with her a short while ago. She’s helped me understand how and why orthorexia can happen and how to heal ourselves and find out true meaning. Clara has always been there for me as a mentor and she can answer many questions that may arise. It’s truly a blessing to have someone to relate to as she can really guide you onto a path of hope and healing. Clara has helped me in so many aspects of my life now that I honestly feel that I can look forward to my journey in healing further and my path in this world!"   - Victoria, UK

"Clara is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to healthy eating and what nourishes our bodies. One of her goals is to help her clients decode what their body is telling them. Clara helps each of her clients decide what will be best for THEM and will help them be the most successful.  I have a whole new level of communication with my body after doing the practices Clara has laid out. The frequent bloating and lower abdominal pain I experienced on a regular basis, two of my major concerns besides my weight, has improved and I can't wait to see where this Self Love Mastery course leads". - Nichole, LA 

"Clara has helped me tremendously calm my inner angst, which was contributing to my autoimmune issues.  She has been very supportive and instrumental in this and knew when to pull me back from my ever present “move on to the next thing” ideas.  She has also been very supportive and helpful with helping me start a hormonal shift program and working with natural aspects of healing.  I am very thankful and grateful for Clara, her work and the lovingness and kindness she displayed towards me." - Kim, Rochester, MN

"The Self Love Mastery course has been a total game changer. Before I started the program I knew I was spending a lot of energy  thinking about the food I was eating and how I looked, however, I could never have imagined how much more time & energy I would actually have after letting go of the negative self-talk & behaviors. I have so much more time now for enjoying life, doing things I love and pursuing passions that matter to me. THANK YOU, Clara and Self Love Mastery for freeing up the space for me to live a fuller life." - Lisa, NYC 

The Self Love Mastery Course at a glance

16 weeks of video lessons.png

"Self Love Mastery  has opened me up in ways I didn't think possible. I feel like a kid again with the way I eat, move & live. So much wonderment & joy. Thank you, Clara for this guide you've created. I'm forever grateful." - Elizabeth, CO 

"This program has helped me physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I'm so grateful." -Lily, MD

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"Clara and the Self Love Mastery are the most worthwhile coaching I've ever experienced. The amount of aha moments I've had in this program are too many to count. I haven't felt like I could trust my body is a long, long time, but now I do." - Tia, MT

"I have struggled with disordered eating and eating disorders from the time I was teen. I considered myself for the most recovered but when I stumbled upon the Self Love Mastery course I knew I had to sign up because that inner mean girl was still controlling my mood a regular basis. I finally feel some true relief from her and know that she will no longer have the power that she once did." -Bethany, CO  

SElf Love Mastery Curriculum 

Module Two: The Mental Body

Module One: The Physical Body

  • Week 5: Clear Your Environment

  • Week 6: Create a Sacred Space

  • Week 7: Disconnect From Distractions

  • Week 8: Chanting to Connect

  • Week 1: Setting Intentions & Clarity

  • Week 2: Tracking Your Routines and Habits

  • Week 3: Mindful Eating

  • Week 4: Feeding Your Physical Body

Phase 4: Tools to Level Up

Module Three: The Emotional Body 

  • Week 13: Chakra Alignment

  • Week 14: Respecting the Seasons of Your Life

  • Week 15: Soul Walking

  • Week 16: Self Commitment Ritual

  • Week 9: Emotional Embodiment

  • Week 10: Inner Child Alignment

  • Week 11: Emotional Freedom Technique

  • Week 12: Compassionate Exist


What happens when you take the Self Love Mastery online course? 

  • You experience more presence & joy in every day life

  • You stop comparing your body to other women's bodies

  • The voice of the inner mean girl subsides & you understand how to deal with her constructively

  • You feel confident in your food choices

  • Your self sabotaging behavior is explained, understood & subsides

  • Develop a strong connection to your body & it's needs

  • You move & exercise because it feels good, not because you think you "should"

  • You make healthy food choices because they feel good, not because you should

  • You have more space in your brain for passion projects, your mission in the world & can love your loved ones more fully & presently

  • You appreciate your body for all it has done, is doing & will do for you, instead of thinking about all the ways it's failing

  • Experience more pleasure on a daily basis

  • Feel more sexy

  • Normal day to day life gets juicy & more fulfilling

  • So much more....

Are you ready to be done with the over-eating, negative self-talk, and feeling like a failure because of the size, shape, look of your body?