Stop the emotional eating toolkit


The Stop the Emotional Eating Toolkit is a bundle that includes:

  • 1 video class on stopping your emotional eating with Clara Wisner

  • 2 audio guided practices

  • 3 worksheets

These tools are intentionally offered together to give you the guidance you need to end the struggle with nighttime binges, emotional eating, cravings that seem totally ridiculous (but at the same time impossible to refuse), and the terrible guilt and self-shaming that goes along with all this. All this for $37. 


Normal Price: $97 

Save $60 when you purchase now 

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Success Stories

"The "stop emotional eating" toolkit delivered exactly what I was looking for: new tools for dealing with my late night sugar binges." - Kayla, NC


"The stop emotional eating toolkit was something that totally changed the way I thought about my tendencies to eat when stressed. I know now how to deal with my stress without food using Clara's tools." Eve, MT

"I'm so grateful for Clara and her work around self love and changing our relationships with food. The stop emotional eating toolkit was the thing that introduced me to Clara's work and her methods and I'll never look anywhere else." -Penelope, MN


"The stop emotional eating toolkit and the emotional alchemy practice is one of the things that really turned my health and weight around. I feel confident in my ability to deal with hard emotional feelings and make the most of them because of these tools." Lola, CO