Thanks so much for joining in the online class. If you didn't get a chance to watch the whole thing here is a little recap video. If you're ready to overcome the negative self-talk, the emotional roller coaster over-eating and the feeling like a failure, click the button below to book your free session with Clara today. 

Celebrating the people who have worked with Clara Wisner

"I have struggled with disordered eating and eating disorders from the time I was teen. I considered myself for the most recovered but when I stumbled upon Clara Wisner and her work, I knew I had to sign up because that inner mean girl was still controlling my mood a regular basis. I finally feel some true relief from her and know that she will no longer have the power that she once did." 

- Bethany, CO

When I started working with Clara I wanted to lose weight, eat healthier, and make overall lifestyles changes.  I got so much more!  I lost 12 pounds, went down one and a half sizes in my clothes, and I felt better OVERALL!  Clara asked me questions that I should have been asking myself and really made me think about my overall health and fitness. I was focused on just losing weight. She made me realize I needed to make changes about my sleeping and watching tv habits and my lifestyle. I always have considered myself healthy and fit. Even though I have done two Ironmans, I still needed help making small adjustments that had huge gains.. thanks to Clara's coaching.  I would recommend Clara as not only as a nutritionist, but as a life coach. She is very positive and supportive. I let her know when I cheated or messed up and she wouldn’t let me beat myself up and feel bad about it. She is encouraging, always available, great about checking in on me, engaging and truly cares about my health and well-being.

- Michelle, MT

My experience and self growth with Clara has really changed from when I started with her a short while ago. She’s helped me understand how and why orthorexia can happen and how to heal ourselves and find out true meaning. Clara has always been there for me as a mentor and she can answer many questions that may arise during your sessions with her! It’s truly a blessing to have someone to relate to as she can really guide you onto a path of hope and healing. Clara has helped me in so many aspects of my life now that I honestly feel that I can look forward to my journey in healing further and my path in this world!

- Victoria, OH

"Working with Clara has been a wonderful, life altering experience! She is wise beyond her years and inspired me to look deeper inside myself as a person, rather than focusing on food and body image as the determinants of my self worth. Clara created a supportive environment where I was comfortable sharing my most private experiences and feelings with her and for that I am truly grateful. After three months of working together, I am finally on a path of recovery from binge/restrict disordered eating and it feels amazing!"

- Jennifer, MN

"Working with Clara has helped me physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I'm so grateful." 

- Lily, MD

As a Health Coach, Clara has found her calling. She is able to integrate an individualized eating, exercising and overall health plan - her approach is unlike any I have experienced with previous coaches. She advises and consults in a caring, compassionate way. Her recipes are delicious as well as nutritious! I highly recommend Clara.

- J.P., ND

Clara's is the most worthwhile coaching I've ever experienced (and I've had a lot of coaching). The amount of aha moments I've had during her program are too many to count. I haven't felt like I could trust my body is a long, long time, but now I do." 

- Tia, MT