Who is the Plan for?

  • If you have infertility concerns

  • If you experience life-affecting PMS, cramps, heavy bleeding, irregular periods, or mood swings.

  • If you’ve been diagnosed with endometriosis.

  • If you’ve been diagnosed with PCOS

  • If you experience depression or anxiety around your cycle.

  • If you’re confused about strange symptoms like: unexplained weight gain, hair loss, low energy and fatigue, night sweats.

  • If you’d like to get your “glow” back

  • If you’re trying to get your “sexy” back

  • if you’re going through menopause

  • if you’re wanting to get off hormonal birth control, but not sure how..

… this plan will help you get your hormones under control.

What you get in the plan:

  • Diet and meal suggestions to eat in sync with your cycle

  • Additional nutritional resources for hormone balancing

  • Guidelines on how to track your cycle so that you’re aware of what phase you are in.

  • Guidelines on how to track your cycle so that you don’t need to use birth control if you don’t want to get pregnant.

  • Lifestyle suggestions for hormonal balance

  • A free guided meditation for hormone balance

  • A detailed description of the supplements for healing hormonal imbalances.

  • The best medicinal grade essential oils to support hormone balance and how to use them.

Hey love, c’mon in…

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About Me

Hi, I’m Clara. I’m a woman on a mission to help you heal your hormonal imbalances.. naturally…and love yourself throughout the entire process. My story is your story, get to know me.


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Hormone Balance

Hormone Balance is my thang. It’s the doorway into getting in tune with our precious bodies and learning how to take care of ourselves. Check out the endless resources we offer on hormone balance.. naturally.

a revolutionary lifestyle is..

“In a world that profits off of you hating yourself, self love is a revolutionary act”

What people are saying…


“I had a high stress job, working long hours and a history of severe menstrual cramps and PMS. I was ready to finally take care of myself a little better and I stumbled upon Clara’s blog and downloaded the hormone balance plan. I decided to give it a shot and it’s been three months now and I feel less stressed, more connected to my body than ever before and my cramping and PMS has reduced significantly.”

Kelly, CA

“My introduction to Clara and self love mastery created a shift in my journey for mind-body health that I hadn’t been able to achieve or research on my own. She embodied an understanding of mind-body health that was pivotal in taking that side step into deeper self awareness and self acceptance PLUS quality nourishment. It’s wonderful to feel like I’ve gained a lifelong friend and begun the journey of some lifelong changes. Forever grateful doesn’t even cut it."

Rachel, Denver, CO

"As a Health and Life Coach, Clara has found her calling. She is able to integrate an individualized eating, exercising and overall health plan - her approach is unlike any I have experienced with previous coaches. She advises and consults in a caring, compassionate way. Self love mastery is masterpiece of a course. I highly recommend Clara."



I had not been able to get pregnant in three years and had had two miscarriages. I didn’t want to go the in-vitro route, but I was thinking it might be my last hope, until I found Clara. Through her guidance and by following the hormone balance plan, I just gave birth to Remy, my sweet daughter. I owe so much to Clara’s work.

Anna, London, UK

“I struggled with erratic and very painful periods my whole life. When I decided to go off hormonal birth control I was afraid of what I might have to deal with, but by using the hormone balance plan I was able to detox off my birth control with very little symptoms. A year later I am still symptoms free.”

Betty, CO

“I had been trying to get pregnant for about two years. I was lost, scared, and confused about what was going on with my body. After following the hormone balance plan, I am now pregnant with my second baby boy!”

June, Saratoga Springs, NY


"Clara has helped me tremendously calm my inner angst, which was contributing to my auto immune issues.  She has been very supportive and instrumental in this and knew when to pull me back from my ever present “move on to the next thing” ideas.  She has also been very supportive and helpful with helping me start a hormonal shift program and working with natural aspects of healing.  I am very thankful and grateful for Clara, her work and the lovingness and kindness she displayed towards me."

Kim, Rochester, MN

“I had been diagnosed with endometriosis and was scheduled for surgery, but something in my intuition told me at least try the more natural route first. Though using the hormone balance plan and Clara’s help, I have dramatically reduced my endo symptoms and am on a great trajectory!”

Ally, CO