The Health Coach's Secret Struggle

Sometimes a health coach will feel like an imposter because they can't get their own unhealthy eating patterns under control. 'How can I possibly coach others when I can't even coach myself?'



When you read this free guide you will learn: 

  1. Three reasons even smart health coaches feel like a fake because they can’t get their own unhealthy eating patterns under control.
  2. Discover the 4 bodies within you that need nourishment, not just the physical one.
  3. The simple 3 step process to stop unhealthy eating habits for good.
  4. How to tap into the root cause of your out of control eating habits and stop the mindless eating for good without restriction or "willpower". 

This free guidebook reveals a simple step-by-step method for health coaches who are struggling with their own weight and unhealthy eating patterns to help them ditch toxic habits & self-sabotaging beliefs that keep them from creating the health and happiness they desire.


My name is Clara Wisner, creator of revolutionary lifestyle. I am on a forever mission to help women wake up to the Love  inside of them and live more fully from that place.  I believe eating healthy, moving our bodies, having a positive mindset, and experiencing spiritual connection can be easy and effortless. We spend way too much time worrying about the number on the scale and too little time enjoying our food and bodies. A healthy lifestyle can be natural, simple, and easy.